It’s hard to find what we’re not actively searching for.

The Christian life is meant to be a journey—a search for our Maker and a search for truth. Searching for Seven takes readers on a journey of looking for God through every aspect of life—seven days a week.

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In ministry, coaching, fatherhood, and writing, Tyler D. Smith has been in pursuit of a faith that lasts beyond Sundays. Through his shared experiences, storytelling, and captivating use of Scripture, you’re invited to join him in the search of a lifetime. In this quick read, you
will learn:

  • What it looks like to search for God every day
  • How to apply God’s Word to daily situations
  • Why every part of your story matters

Let the search begin.

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Tyler D. Smith

Tyler D. Smith is a pastor, NBA sportswriter, basketball coach, and author; he has also worked in the Christian music industry. He graduated from Lincoln Christian University and has served in ministry since 2005. Tyler resides in Indiana with his wife, Katelyn, and their two daughters, Addi and Ellie.

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